state of emergency.

I can’t see the sun right now, it’s been covered up by the dust. It’s made the apartment to be an eerie yellow. It’s unnerving.
As I’m sure you all have noticed, I’ve been posting quite a lot on the internet today about the bushfires that are ravaging NSW and QLD at the moment. These two states have been declared to be a climate emergency. There are currently 97 fires burning across NSW alone.
These postings have led to various discussions of the politicisation of the bushfires. Some argue that now is not the time to point fingers.
And I get that, I totally do. At least 3 people have lost their lives today. 7 people are missing. 150 homes have been destroyed. Many more will follow. It’s horrifying. And my heart breaks for these people.
And to talk politics now seems … crass. Unsensitive. But, the question arises, if not now, when?

We have tried to talk about climate change prior to this moment. But our climate-denying PM has always argued with its existence. Deputy PM Michael McCormack yesterday said that climate change is only the concern of “raving inner-city lunatics”. Which is just so awesome for our country.
On Sept 20 thousands of adults and children took place in climate strikes across the country. ScoMo condemned those skipping work or school, stating that children shouldn’t miss class. Today 575 schools and universities, not to mention the thousands of businesses, are closed for precautionary reasons.
The Liberals have proudly declared their 2019-20 budget surplus. But this was at the expense of a series of cuts made. $78.5 million of those dollars were from either Fire and Rescue NSW or the Office of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Today, all Scott Morrison has offered are his “thoughts and prayers”. But that is not enough anymore. We need immediate change and widespread policy shifts that put environmental concerns at the forefront.

Prior to the election I asked for people to be aware of who they were voting for. What their stances are. The Australian public voted with their wallets and not the environment in mind, or with the classic donkey vote. These are the devastating consequences.

So please. Be aware of politics. Pay attention to the policies of the people in charge. They control the nation. A nation that is currently on fire. They need to do something about that. They need to make a change. That is all I ask.

But the priority, above all, is safety.
Please be careful. Download the NSWRFS app ‘Fires Near Me’ and be aware of what’s going on around you. Donate what you can, whether physical goods or funds. Be safe out there it’s looking pretty sketchy.


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