about me.

Far out defining the self is tricky.
My name is Taylah Britt, and I’m a writer who lives in Wollongong.
I’m twenty-six, and always thought I’d be somewhere different to where I am by this age. That being said, I am happy where I am. I’m in love with the people I have surrounded myself with, and the way the ocean reflects the sunset and makes the world seem pink.
I use this website to share my writings, which are mostly made up of non-fiction musings, whether creative non-fiction, or political rants.
I sometimes forget that I’m sharing my writings, as I utilise the medium to scratch through the layers of my skin, trying to find whether the answers lie within myself. But I think there is something beautiful in bleeding publicly. Someone walking by can say, “that hurt hurts me too.”
I don’t really know what I’m saying. I hope you like it though.