early mornings.

The alarm goes off. You give yourself another 10 minutes, because while it doesn’t sound like it will make a difference, it does. It totally does. It goes off a second time. You drag yourself out of bed. Consider putting on makeup or something to improve your appearance, but then don’t bother. Sunnies and bed hair is heaps cool right? Grab all your different cameras and lenses together. The disposable film camera. The Pentax and zoom lense. The handy little digital that will wifi the pics to your phone (handiest thing ever). Put them all in a bag, make a cuppa to go and race out the door.
Drive into town sipping on the tea, windows down (how good are not-cold summer mornings) and listening to Bon Iver, thinking ‘is there any better way to start a day?’ I don’t think there is.
Take a photo of the pretty western sky. That’s always the tough choice in the morning -eastern sun or western haze. Try and find a high point and do both. The sun is beginning to rise, but there’s a cloud right in the way. Still real attractive though. It takes your breath away. You take a minute to watch it sans camera. Just be in the moment, watching how fast the sun moves in those early hours.
Run into a pal or two who are exercising, kudos to them, and then head round the point for some more photos. You decide that you’re liking more taking photos of the…effects of the sun, rather than the sun itself. The world is at its prettiest when the sun has just come up, and it’s still got that warm yellow hue. The water is a ridiulously beautiful colour (you have a bit of a fangirl moment), there are early morning surfers out there. It really couldn’t get any better.
Visit a couple of your favourite haunts and take some photos. The new lookout above Newcastle beach. The lookout above Bar beach. From Bar itself. Around the corner to Merewether. Hickson St. Realise Newcastle has way too many pretty lookouts.
Head back home. You have work soon and it already looks like you’ll be skipping the hair this morning. Fire up the laptop while boiling the kettle again. Make another cuppa and a bowl of hot Weetbix. Transfer all the photos from the various devices over to your phone.
Fall in love with the photos you took. Be proud of your work. Recognise that you’re getting better. And that somehow, so is the universe. It’s peaking.
Now throw on some slap and race out the door. You’ll be a little late for work, but honestly, it really is worth it.


it’s been a long time since i’ve been excited for a movie.

I love a good film. And I use the word film deliberately.
A film thats got gravitas. That has been cultivated and deliberated over and has beautiful cinematography and a soundtrack that gives you goosebumps. A quick paced dialogue. A unique and non-cliched script. Pretty much the antithesis of every Katherine Heigl movie ever.
And I haven’t been excited for the release of a picture for a while. The last movies I was excited for where the Grand Budapest Hotel, Interstellar and Birdman.
But these two bad boys are finally making their way from the Sundance Film Festival to Australian screens, and I’m fair excited to see them. And even a little bit excited to be excited.Me_&_Earl_&_the_Dying_Girl_(film)_POSTER DopeTeaserPoster

because nothing starts a day better than coffee with friends.

Seriously, I don’t think there are many more achievable ways to make what would normally be a hum-drum day better than starting it with breakfast with some good sorts.
Though setting the alarm over an hour earlier the night before hurts more than you could know, it always ends up being worth it. Without fail. Every caffeine fuelled time.
There’s just something about drinking coffee and eating carb-loaded croissants with the people you love that sets you on a high, that with a little bit of work can be maintained for the entire day. You’ve talked and stuffed yourself and laughed into your coffee more times than you care to remember (and embarrassed yourself in front of the cute barista) and all before 9AM! I can’t even achieve that much in 24HRS on a normal day.
So give it a whirl. Meet up with a friend before work. Rue the coldness as you wakeup, but be refreshed by the smell of coffee and carbs. Laugh so much you get the hiccups. Spill your breakfast on your clean outfit. It will all be worth it. It makes the 9-5 life that much sweeter.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

first things first.

Hiya! Firstly, thanks for clicking on whatever link you clicked on that led you to this page. That in itself means alot.
So I’ve finally decided to get myself together and get some sort of website launched. It’s nothing too fancy (I’m not tech-savvy enough), just a forum to keep everyone updated and such without clogging up their instagram, twitter, Facebook, tumblr and tinder feed.
Here I will be posting my thoughts, pieces that I’m working on, updates as to how my writing as a whole is progressing…basically just keeping y’all in the loop. Take a look around, I’ve got some word type things floating around on my about page and my writings page.
So I hope you enjoy the TAYLAH BRITT COLLECTION, and feel free to visit often