My name is Taylah Britt, and I am a 22YR old from the beautiful coastal town of Newcastle, AU, currently residing in Wollongong. I am a creative of sorts, with most of my efforts going into writing and other word-y things.

I drink way too much tea, wear black 90% of the time, get chocolate on most of my clothes and spend more money than I should on food that isn’t good for me.

I am in love with anything that makes me feel, whether it be the ocean or the way the sky looks at 4.57PM or a stranger in the street or a song that perfectly captures the mood.

I write about my feelings, or the lack thereof. I write about people I love or would love to hate, about the way the mountains make me feel both big and small, about the way that sharing a smile with the person across the road can stay in your thoughts for a week after.

So I hope you enjoy all my thoughts and ramblings and opinions of the world.

Taylah xx

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