Roe v Wade

I am a virgin. The four different brands of pill I have tried to mitigate the effects of my dysmenorrhea made it worse, not better.

But I have considered the pill many times. If it didn’t cause me migraines I definitely would be on them. I’ve considered booking an appointment to get an IUD inserted, a form of surgery. And this is purely out of a constant fear of sexual assault and rape.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve never been raped. Aside from being felt up inappropriately in a nightclub I’ve never been sexually assaulted. But at this point I consider it only luck. Because the amount of girls I know that have been is now nearly equal to those who haven’t. A 50:50 ratio of assault. Rape isn’t rare either. And my heart breaks for those girls. I am so sorry that happened to you.

Do I start carrying condoms? So if a man wants to use my body at least I know I won’t be forced to carry his child? There are many reasons for abortion.

I cried when I read that Roe v Wade was overturned. As a woman I feel so constantly in fear that my body will be utilised in a way that I don’t want, and this week my ownership of my self felt taken one step further away. And yes, I’m not American. Once again, I am merely lucky. But as an Australian woman my heart has already been broken many times in the past couple of years. And as a woman with a uterus, knowing that what America does impacts the global framework of policy, this week has hurt me.

You cannot stop abortions. In the same way Prohibition didn’t stop alcohol consumption, cocaine is still purchased every weekend. You can only stop safe abortions.

But also, it is not your body. It is not your choice. To infringe your will on another person; to repeal a law that stopped that. I live in constant fear that someone else will take control of my body. This week that fear deepened. This week it was made clear to me, my body is not my own.

So please, let’s call this what it is. An exercise of power. A sign for women to know their place.

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