no one wants to.

“I can’t match the intensity
of your love.”
Why do I feel like I should say sorry.
No one warned me about
loving too much.

You asked if there was anything
that I wanted to say.
“No, I won’t ask anyone to
stay and love me.”
Not anymore.

To love enough
but not too much.
To hope they stay
but respect myself enough
not to ask.

To maintain my softness,
my eagerness for affection,
without being hardened by the world.
Putting myself back every
time, without using concrete.

Choosing to bypass the superglue,
the hardwood timber, the metal rods.
“No darling, once again we will
reassemble ourselves with fragility.
We will make ourselves breakable again.”

Intense but soft.
Malleable to others, rigid
in morals and convictions.
Open to being loved.
Trying to understand why

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