The world is no longer what it once was. I fear the change is irreversible, glimmering and unattainable in the past, forever beyond our reach.
And now we must adapt to this new normal. Time feels to move slower, or maybe it is I that is no longer moving through it, standing now at attention, glued to the spot. I feel like a visitor, like I’m not supposed to be here.
But there is still comfort.
The faces I have surrounded myself with bring me joy. I love the people in my life and the days we spend walking up and down the high street are highlighted by that golden haze of summer afternoons.
If two hearts break together will they heal as one bigger heart? And what of four hearts? Or ten?
The world is full of uncertainties but there is a consistency in us. In the ‘I love you’s’ and the ‘let me know if you need anything’ and the ‘I’m thinking of you’. In the mornings drinking tea and the evenings drinking wine. In the shared meals and common laughs.
The world is no longer what it was.
But we are the same.

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