Holidays are the best. Seriously. I actually forgot how lovely and beautiful and necessary they are. After a year that included moving out of home, getting 3 jobs, and starting a university degree, which was amazing and great and I had a ball, don’t get me wrong, I was so very thrilled with the idea of a holiday.
And, for the first time in my working career (just over 9years), I was taking my longest break to date – a total of 3 weeks. Which is a little sad in itself, but lets not talk about that.

I got to spend the first two weeks surrounded by some of my favourite people in all the world: the extended Britt family. With 14 grandchildren, not including girlfriends, husbands and kids, 8 aunts and uncles, and 1 set of amazing grandparents, spread out over 4 apartments in a one-way street a block back from the beach of South West Rocks, it was an absolute ball. Swims everyday. An excess of icecream. Raiding fridges from apartment to apartment. Different movies in different loungerooms being watched every night. The Annual Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon. The Bridge Jump. Hot chips being eaten for lunch 10 times in 14 days. Serious perfection.

Getting to spend 2 blissful days back in Newy was the perfect separation between my two trips. New Years with best friends and gal pals and Wild Yak Pacific Ale. Happiness.

Spending the last days of my Great Laze in Evans Head with my best friend and my best friends fiance (and also really good friend) was about as good an end as you can get. Eating food, playing card games, going on long drives, visiting Byron for the first time, seeing a bevy of longhaired surfer dudes, was really all a girl could want. Going on bike rides and drinking thickshakes and trying not to vomit, and doing it with people you love, makes a girl pretty damn happy.

Many many thanks to any and all people that contributed to what has been an absolute banger of a year, that ended with three weeks of complete and total happiness. Much love to you all. Enjoy the ensuing pics X

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