life lessons. 

Tea makes everything better. All things. There are no parameters to this statement.

Don’t judge selfies. The selfie-er felt either beautiful or happy or proud or just liked the way the lighting was or wanted to chronicle the way they were feeling at that particular point. Don’t take that away from them.

Read. A lot. Books of all different types. Fiction or non fiction. Books of things you’re interested in, or know nothing about. Mystery stories. Romance novels. Books about the future. About the past. Everything.

Some people we are meant to have around forever. And some people we are only meant to have around for a time. It will take a couple of goes around the mulberry bush before we can figure out who is which. But be okay with relationships ending. And be okay with some going on forever.

You really really really really have to be okay with being alone before you can be with someone else. It’s the only way to tell if you like the someone, or just having a someone. There’s a difference between the two.

People are the most beautiful when they are feeling passionate, whether it’s about a thought or an idea, a life plan or a person. Whether it’s feeling a feeling with all of you, dedicating all the different parts of you to feeling that emotion. Or if it’s something your passionate about. Discussing your new favourite class or book. What you want to do with your life. Hell, why leonardo dicaprio is the greatest actor of his generation. Because that’s when the emotion makes it’s way into your eyes. The glow on your face. The way your mouth moves. That’s when we are our most beautiful.

Scenery can change your life. Even if it’s just the simple epiphany at how small and inconsequential we are. How big and beautiful the world is. How lucky we are.

Try really really hard to not let people make you feel inadequate. I know that’s one of those things that are much easier said than done, the advice that someone gives you that’s super hard to put into practice. But honestly. Someone will always judge you. It doesn’t matter what decision or life path you choose to make. Both on a small or a grand scale. And as soon as we realise that, and consciously try to not let it affect us, it’ll be so much easier.

Don’t get too hung up on people. The amount of guys I have had a crush on in my long and single life is quite high. And every time the sentiment hasn’t been returned (which is quite a character building experience in itself). But one thing I’ve taken away is that it will end. One day you’ll be sitting down drinking a cup of tea, and you’ll realise that they don’t affect you anymore. Their laugh, the way they say your name…it doesn’t make your world turn anymore.

Someday someone will find the way you laugh, I mean really really laugh, whether it’s silent claps or loud snorts, to be their favourite sound in the world. Wait for that person.

We are each the only person in the world with our combination of traits and flaws and quirks and foibles and secret smiles and scrunching of the nose and the way we laugh and what makes us smile in the world.

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