things that i always have with me (bag spill).

This is just a little something different. Light hearted. To get to know me a little.
This is a list of all the things I will always always have in my bag. I need these to exist.

Firstly, the bag. Though it can’t be fully seen here, it’s a beauty. I switch between this Matt & Nat saddle bag ( ) and an equally gorgeous Hide & Seeker leather tote. The tote is just a little too big for day to day use. They both are some of the prettiest things I own. And the compliments they get bring me such happiness.
The Status Anxiety wallet ( ). Because having access to cash is necessary for my lifestyle (even though I have my credit card memorised). This one is actually a brand spanka, and a men’s wallet too. But it’s the perfect size, and pretty to boot. And encourages me to not carry so many random cards and receipts in my wallet.
The very beautiful watch was a gift from my parents for my birthday. It’s my first ever watch too, due to having small wrists. It’s a Daniel Wellington watch ( ) and it is perfection. I feel so classy and grownup when I wear it – like I really have my life together. And I already miss it when I forget to put it on in a morning rush.
The Oscar Wylee specs ( ).Worn for reading, writing, driving or being in front of a computer. AKA all the time. And needing them more and more. I love them. They feel good on my face. And they make me feel like a nerd in the best way possible.
My favourite polariods. (Instaxs just doesn’t have the same ring to it). I bought myself an Instax Wide ( ) and it’s one of my favourite cameras. Waiting for a photo develop in front of you is a pretty rad feeling. And the atmosphere that always translates is brill. Carrying around all my favourite photos in hardcopy form is just…really really nice. Nostalgic almost. I always like to flick through them when I have a spare minute, or am having a terrible day. Or whenever really, I never get tired of them.
My pen. My favourite pen of all time is from Kmart, bless them. I have about a million of these at home, and one always in my bag. It writes so smoothly and nicely, and leaves an ink stain on my finger that I find romantic.
A notepad. I also have a million of these around the house. I need one with me always. Most of my thoughts and beginning of pieces came when I am not sitting at my desk, and if I don’t write them down I forget them quicker than you would believe. And it’s always handy to have actual paper (let’s bring back the old school way of passing notes and actually writing down your number and giving it to someone, not just following them on the gram).
And last but in no way, shape or form least, a book. I swear by always having a book on hand. This is one of the four copies I own of my favourite book, Pride and Prejudice. The amount of times I have thanked my lucky stars for always squeezing a book in. Whenever you’re stuck in traffic, have an appointment run late, or just have thirty minutes to spare, whip out the old novel. So much more rewarding then scrolling through facebook. And it looks cuter too.
A special mention goes to the any one of the five different cameras I own that didn’t make it to this post (I forgot to put one in the photo). I always try and have at least one camera-camera on me. At the moment it’s my point and shoot film camera that’s with me the most, because film is just gorgeous. But in a pinch my trusty iPhone always comes through with the goods. Some people say we should live in the moment, and take less photos. But I like to be able to savour the memory. To have it forever. Even if it’s just for you.

So, there we have it. These are the things that I always have on hand (unless I’ve forgotten them, which sounds hypocritical of this whole post, but I can’t change who I am). These are the things I need with me to feel complete. Ready for anything as the cliche goes. But cliches exist for a reason. And these are mine.

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