when he loves someone else.

Because when the boy you love, loves someone else, the hurt isn’t just the loss of them as a potential human. It’s the loss of that potential life. The life we envisioned, when we did that little subconscious thing we do, what it would be like to be humans together. It’s that entire life path just vanishing.
Because now you’ll never spend lazy afternoons together drinking tea. Or going on long afternoon drives bonding over your mutual love of…Vegemite. You’ll never get to spend that classic summer break with them, days spent at the beach and eating hot chips and splices. You’ll never get to be that girl who kisses him while he does the dishes, or holds his hand while buying groceries.
That daydream, sun-drenched and filled with laughter, is gone. And you’re left with something that feels a lot like nothing.

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