that feeling of home.

There’s a feeling I’m trying to put into words. It’s not just happiness. It’s familiarity. Nostalgia. Home.
It’s listening to Lanny Cordola’s Shades of Blue. An album you’ve listened to for as long as you can remember (and an album I hope at least one of you readers have heard). It’s an album you can remember listening to as a kid, the soundtrack to your childhood. It reminds you of family. Loved ones. The kind of music you just never grow tired of.
It’s that late afternoon setting sun in summer, when it turns the world that beautiful lazy orange. You’ve experienced the haze before, but every time it fills you with that sense of wonder. Almost elation. A light that you hope will go on forever, but part of its beauty is that it doesn’t. Everything feels infinite in that moment.
It’s having having people that you’ve known always. That have been there, in varying degrees of closeness, for your entire life. People that not only know your backstory, but are your backstory. They’re family. Family related by blood. Family that aren’t. Even if they’re that distant family that you only see at Christmas and Easter. People that know you intrinsically. That you never have to explain yourself to. That regardless of time apart, will always feel natural and close.
It’s a happiness that comes from moments that feel like they transcend time. A happiness that feels infinite. That you’ve felt before and will feel again, and will go on feeling for the rest of your life. It’s a specific type of happiness, one that comes from special moments. And sometimes you won’t feel it for a while. But when you do, it’s that feeling of home.

One thought on “that feeling of home.”

  1. thanks for your writing , I’m a writer and man came up to me in the diner the other and told me “it’s so nice that you can write something and make other people feel good” and that’s what your writing did for me . Thank you


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